Black Adam Statue Reveals Intriguing New Details About Dr. Fate's Costume

2022-07-23 00:04:20 By : Ms. Sara Ye

McFarlane Toys' Doctor Fate resin statue spotlights key details of the superhero's costume ahead of his big screen debut in Black Adam.

McFarlane Toys just added a Doctor Fate statue to its line of Black Adam merchandise, and it reveals several intriguing details about the DC Extended Universe superhero's costume.

Several promotional images of the resin figure recently appeared on the McFarlane Toys website. These images spotlight the ankh textures woven into the fabric of Doctor Fate's bodysuit and cape that were hard to spot in the footage released to date. They also show evidence of previously unseen battle damage to the character's distinctive golden helmet, including several deep gouges and at least one dent.

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The Doctor Fate statue represents fans' best look yet at Kent Nelson's crime-fighting outfit, although several shots of actor Pierce Brosnan in civilian garb were among the Black Adam stills Warner Bros. circulated in June 2022. These high-res images were taken from the movie's trailer and featured Doctor Fate's Justice Society of America teammates Atom Smasher (Noah Centineo) and Hawkman (Aldis Hodge), as well. Together, the stills and trailer indicate that a brawl will break out between Black Adam (Dwayne Johnson) and the JSA at some point in the film.

This showdown was also teased in Black Adam promotional artwork that surfaced online that same month. The moody illustration depicts an aerial duel between Black Adam and Hawkman, with lightning crackling around the two combatants. Unlike the skirmish shown in the trailer, this fight apparently takes place at night and the other members of the JSA don't seem to be present. Whether the artwork is based on an actual scene in the film remains unclear at this stage.

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One superhero Black Adam isn't expected to confront during his freshman DCEU outing is his comic book rival, Shazam. Johnson recently revealed that he was personally responsible for splitting Black Adam and Shazam's origin stories across two films, convincing Warner Bros. it was the best thing for both characters. "When we all read the script, I immediately felt like, 'We have to separate these two movies. We have to honor Shazam! and that origin story and what that is and what that can be for the fans and then we also have to tell our story, too, as well,'" he said.

Black Adam isn't likely to go up against the Suicide Squad either, something Johnson says isn't likely to phase the anti-hero either way. Responding to a fan on Twitter, Johnson insisted that Black Adam "doesn't give a fuck" about the supervillain team, whose members include Margot Robbie's Harley Quinn and John Cena's Peacemaker.

Black Adam arrives in theaters on July 29.

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