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Bookends are a great way to redefine a room without making big changes.

by: Emily Verona, BestReviews Staff

Bookends are a great way to redefine a room without making big changes.

by: Emily Verona, BestReviews Staff

Some well-placed bookends can go a long way in both organizing a shelving unit and highlighting the aesthetic you want for the space. They should be sturdy enough to function, but don’t overlook the decorative opportunities here. Bookends are a perfect accent for a library or living room and can help you redefine a room’s entire look without having to update the walls or furniture. Which bookends you want depends on what style you are going for, and while there are a ton of aesthetics to choose from, there are just as many bookends out there to achieve these diverse and diverting looks.

SRIWATANA Decorative Metal Black Bookends

Available in sets of two or four, these powder-coated black metal bookends feature an abstract geometric design. The base won’t slip and the design has an unexpected three-dimensional element that makes these bookends unique compared to similar items.

Officemate Heavy Weighted Steel Black Bookends

These 10-inch non-skid bookends are rounded in shape with a basic yet sensible style. They are extra strong for holding up a lot of weight without damaging bookshelves.

Sold by Amazon and Staples

Fasmov Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Man Bookends

For a sleek, striking look, there is this pair of shiny stainless steel bookends designed to look like men holding up the books with their hands. These bookends stand 7.5 inches tall and have non-skid bases.

RockParadise Natural Agate Geode Bookend Pair

These handcrafted bookends are made from real agate geodes and with blue-gray and white tones within a brown exterior. Since they are handmade, style patterns and shapes may vary.

Muso Wood Bookends for Shelves

These beautiful walnut bookends are oval in shape and come in pairs. They stand 5.51 inches tall and have a polished finish.

AMOYSTONE Decorative White Agate Bookends

This set comes with two broken quartz geodes atop a faux marble base with gold-toned accents. They stand 10.8 inches tall and look great, but they are not designed to hold heavy loads.

Spectrum Diversified Elements Minimalist Bookends

These simple arc-shaped steel bookends come in sets of two in black or white and small or large. They are 7.5 inches tall and utilize an open design that makes it easy to see the books behind them.

Amazing Abby Acrylic L-Shape Heavy-Duty Bookends

This set comes with four clear acrylic bookends that stand 7.2 inches tall and provide simple assistance for any bookshelf. The acrylic is completely see-through and has a smooth finish.

This set comes with two heavy, sturdy hand-poured concrete bookends in gray and white. Each one is 5.75 inches tall and has a felt-lined base to protect surfaces.

MyGift Industrial Pipe & Gray Wood 6-Inch Metal Bookends

This pair of bookends stand 6.1 inches in height and feature polished metal pipe detailing with gray painted wood bases. They can be used separately or together and provide the space with an urban feel.

Sold by Amazon and Etsy

ATPIEN Rustic Wooden Bookends for Heavy Books

These solid wood bookends have a metal base plate which helps to keep books in place. They come in pairs. 

Mud Pie Corbel White Bookend

This cream-colored whitewashed mango wood bookend is 8.5 inches tall and carved in an elegant curling design. Please note that these are sold individually, so you’ll need to order two for a pair.

MyGift Dark Brown Vintage Cast Iron Elk Head & Antlers Bookends

This set comes with two vintage-inspired cast iron elk head busts in brown, complete with antlers to really sell that rustic look. Each bookend is about 8 inches tall.

Sold by Amazon and Etsy

robinseggvintageNC Bird Figurines Set of Bookends

This set comes with two matching handcrafted shabby-chic plaster birds on whitewashed wood bases. The birds are white and the bases are available in over a dozen colors.

World of Wonders Elegant Angelfish Bookend Set

This set features beautifully painted “kissing” angelfish with a coral reef motif. The bookends are 7.5 inches tall and constructed from resin in white and yellow.

Sold by Amazon and Etsy

Creative Co-Op Mermaid Shaped Resin Bookends

This set of two features one bookend that looks like a mermaid’s tail and one that looks like the mermaid’s body. Each bookend is made of resin and painted white, standing about 8.5 inches tall.

UniqueCoastalDesigns Nautical Sea Shell Bookends

These handmade bookends feature an array of seashells on a faux sand base. Each piece stands about 7 inches tall and has a hefty weight to it.

DWK Ravens on Skulls Bookends

This set of two matching bookends features a painted raven standing on a skull, which sits atop a red book. Each piece is made from durable polyresin and stands 7.5 inches tall.

Ebros Gothic Growling Werewolves Bookends

This pair of sturdy matching bookends feature growling werewolves standing atop a pile of skulls and bones. Each is constructed from polyresin that is painted to look like old stone.

Creative Co-op Distressed Fleur de Lis Shaped Iron Bookends

This set comes with a pair of matching textured Fleur de Lis iron bookends in either antique gold or bronze. They are tall and elegant but sturdy enough to stay securely in place.

This set features two black polystone bookends, each of which is designed to look like half of an old-fashioned motion picture camera. They stand about 8 inches tall and are nice and heavy.

Roman Store Airplane Pewter Finish Bookends

Here is a pair of matching polyresin bookends with pewter finished antique airplane figures. Each has a brown base and is about 8 inches tall.

BookendsStore The Lord of the Rings Bookends

These handmade bookends are made from plywood and feature a beautiful silhouette of the entire fellowship from J.R.R. Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings trilogy. The set is available in seven colors.

This pair of bookends is handmade from birch plywood and designed in great detail to feature characters and phrases from Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland.

This solid steel set features two red bookends. One says “red” and the other says “rum” and is inspired by Stephen’s King’s The Shining.

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