Prankster Fills Downtown Minneapolis Fountain with Bubbles

2022-07-29 23:56:16 By : Ms. Violla Huang

A prankster played a "clean" joke in downtown Minneapolis Thursday morning.

WCCO News shared a video on their Facebook page that inially looks like a snowstorm hit a fountain. But upon further inspection, it is actually soap bubbles coming from the water in the fountain.

As captured by WCCO's assignment manager, It appears a prank artist put some sort of soap into a fountain on Hennepin Ave. in downtown Minneapolis Thursday morning. Security arrived just before 6 a.m., but it appears the assailant made a ... clean getaway.

Check out the suds filled water feature in the video below:

While this seems harmless, this is going to be a mess to clean up for whoever is in charge of maintenance on this fountain. Hopefully the prankster is brought to justice.