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2022-06-04 02:48:39 By : Ms. Ivy Ho

Roses are red, Violets are blue, For all my floral enthusiasts: Do I have a place for you!

In the spirit of spring, consider heading over to Floral Sweeties, where you can get yourself some jewelry and, more recently, both artwork and décor—all on a floral theme.

Nature at its finest! Photo provided by Hannah Fraser

Owner Hannah Fraser works part-time as an oncology nurse and is an emerging floral artisan/small business owner on the side. Her mom is a nurse, and her dad runs his own business. One can only imagine that getting to merge these two paths couldn’t be more thrilling for her.

“I found myself drawn to florals and nature initially as a change of pace from nursing,” says Fraser. “Although I genuinely enjoy the work I do as a nurse, it can be physically and emotionally draining, and I was craving a creative outlet and yearning for a ’side hustle’. I had briefly explored healthcare-related small business ideas, but it never sparked joy the way I wanted it to. Around that time, I saw a preserved flower in a resin keychain and thought it was one of [the] coolest things I had ever seen. I couldn’t stop thinking about it and, at the time, working with epoxy was less common, so I started researching the process, and Floral Sweeties bloomed from there!”

Her brand launched in 2019 when she started selling her jewelry at Plant & Curio, a local plant shop. Since then, Ottawa’s response to her business has been nothing if not supportive.

Floral tote bag: tote-ally worth the buy! Photo provided by Hannah Fraser.

“Looking back, I think COVID really helped me to pursue Floral Sweeties more seriously,” she says. “While I had already begun the business, having more time at home pushed me to expand Floral Sweeties’ online sales. I’m very grateful for the online support via Etsy, my website, and Instagram. Lately, I’ve been fortunate to participate in local markets with 613Flea, FreewheelingCraft, and Cheerfully Made. It’s been so gratifying meeting customers in real life and getting their feedback!”

Fraser does it all: grows and preserves flowers, sources the unique metal findings, and designs the jewelry. She then goes to her dad’s workshop, where she combines liquid resin and a catalyst to create fully-cured epoxy with embedded flora. “Floral Sweeties are a labour of love created over a period of weeks using both art and science,” she says.

Look at her go! Photo provided by Hannah Fraser

Her work has been described as “ethereal, bohemian, and unique to Ottawa.” Regarding future floral creations, she is in the process of growing her bracelet designs by making a limited sterling-silver collection.

“At a certain point, I found creating the same pieces of jewelry over and over again caused me to lose some of the magic I felt initially creating with florals, so I started experimenting with other mediums and styles,” Fraser explains. “While jewelry remains my main product, I’ve found creating various goods keeps me excited and engaged!”

A sneak peek of what to expect! Photo provided by Hannah Fraser.

Floral Sweeties now has propagation stands, plaster relief art, floral-designed tote bags, and a bestselling sun catcher collection! Each collection is inspired by nature, either made with or for florals. Feel free to check out her website to check out the creations she has in store.

People frequently gift loved ones Floral Sweeties with attached sentimental meaning to the particular florals embedded in the jewelry, she tells me. “One of my favourite things about flowers [is] the significance they hold. Forget-me-not flowers, for example, symbolize love, respect, and remembrance. Whether it’s a birth month flower or a childhood memory of a flower, Floral Sweeties often resonate with my customers in a really beautiful way.”

Floral Sweeties is a frequent vendor at local market 613flea and continues to sell her jewelry at Plant & Curio. She also sells her work online at https://floralsweeties.com. You can find her on Instagram at @floralsweeties.

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